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  • Гомеопатична ароматерапія лікар Катерина Цвєткова | Kts Health Line

    TO THE STORE KTS HEALTH LINE HOMEOPATHIC AROMATHERAPY BY DOCTOR KATERINA TSVETKOVA OUR PRODUCTS ESSENCE OF NATURE IN COSMETIC OILS KTS HEALTH LINE Homeopathic Aromatherapy by Dr. Kateryna Tsvietkova is a Ukrainian brand of natural remedies for beauty and health. We produce aromatherapy oils for body and face, developed by a doctor with unique experience in classical and homeopathic medical practice. Deep knowledge, commitment to wellness and love for natural ingredients have allowed to create oils with active action, that enhance beauty, balance the health and vitality of the body. LEARN MORE PRODUCT DEVELOPER Kateryna Tsvetkova - Candidate of Medical Sciences, pulmonologist with more than 30 years of experience senior researcher at the Research Institute of PAG of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, practicing homeopath. LEARN MORE OWN IMPORT SUPPLIES OF PRANARÔM ESSENTIAL OILS TO UKRAINE The key issue for aromatherapy is the quality of the essential oils. The search for the best ethers for use in the production of our own products led us to start cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers - the Belgian laboratory of scientific aromatherapy PRANARÔM. ​ We became motivated to become the official importer of PRANARÔM products in Ukraine by the impeccable reputation of this company as an expert in innovative aromatherapy products made from 100% natural pure and certified organic chemotyped essential oils. TO THE STORE #instagram

  • МАЙСТЕР-КЛАСИ | KTShealthline

    MASTER CLASSES Doctor Tsvetkova Kateryna regularly holds lectures, master classes and trainings aimed at preserving beauty, youth and health every woman. Events are held both offline and online. DR. Tsvietkova You can read more on the group's Facebook page GO

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