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Natural cosmetic oils  KTS Health line Homeopathic Aromatherapy by DR. K.TSVIETKOVA created on the basis of an innovative combination of aromatherapy and homeopathy.  


Unique medical experience has allowed to create effective natural remedies with active health effects. Our o Leah  designed for daily body and face care, as well as professional use by masseurs and cosmetologists.  

The products contain only high-quality natural components: cold-pressed vegetable oils,  compositions of natural essential oils and homeopathic complexes, professionally selected by doctor K. Tsvetkova. Our formulas are completely free of toxic preservatives, chemical dyes and artificial flavors.


KTS Health line oils produced in the conditions of good production practice meet the highest quality standards, which is confirmed by the manufacturer's quality certificate, the conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination and grateful feedback from consumers.

According to statistics, 95% of professional masseurs use special massage oils in their work. They promote good hand glide, protect the skin, open pores, have a positive effect on the condition of the epidermis, increase the effectiveness of the procedure. But it is very important to choose a really high-quality product that will not hurt, because cosmetics made using chemicals can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, contribute to the entry of harmful substances into the body. Therefore, the best option is to buy a body massage oil made from natural plant extracts. It is suitable for all skin types and has many additional healing properties that are important  benefits.

Natural body oil: properties, effects on the body


Natural cosmetic oil  includes only natural ingredients:  fruit stones and fruits themselves, plant extracts, their seeds, quality natural essential oils. That is only what nature gives us. That is why professional masseurs choose natural, organic products.  


Their advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly, completely safe, hypoallergenic products (except for the individual sensitivity of the body to a particular ingredient, including essential oils);

  • They enhance the effect of the actual procedure, manual techniques with the healing properties of aromatherapy;

  • Depending on the composition and ingredients, natural massage oil for the body has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, detoxifying, regenerating, moisturizing, stimulating effect;

  • They have quite a strong energy and psychological effect.


Author's cosmetic oil: secret recipes for beauty and health


The author of the recipe of our oils is Kateryna Viktorivna Tsvetkova, an experienced doctor - pulmonologist, practicing homeopath, candidate of medical sciences. She devoted more than 30 years of her life to the study of the peculiarities of the action of homeopathic remedies, separately studied the healing properties of plant extracts and essential oils. They became the basis of scientific and clinical research, publications in the world's leading scientific journals, and most importantly - formed the basis of recipes for author's massage oils.

KTS HEALTH LINE massage oils, developed according to special recipes by DR. K.TSVIETKOVA, are highly effective cosmetics that combine the power of aromatherapy and homeopathy. Yes, AGEBIT facial oil has an active moisturizing effect. Its composition restores the nutrition of epidermal cells, maintains skin tone, helps to restore healthy skin. SINOBIT oil with anti-inflammatory properties will help with colds. If you work hard, are under chronic stress, spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, you should choose STRESSBIT. It has anti-stress properties,  its use will promote maximum relaxation, literally allow you to "throw off" daily worries, fatigue. These are just a few of the products from the massage oils line from the KTS HEALTH LINE online store.  

All products according to the author's recipe by DR. K.TSVIETKOVA can be used for daily skin care. Our formulas do not contain toxic preservatives, chemical dyes and artificial flavors. Means have no age restrictions. The only caveat may be individual intolerance to specific essential oils.

Who needs natural massage products?


First of all  massage oil for body and face is necessary for professional masseurs. We work with specialized companies, massage parlors, spas, and with individual specialists. For spas and aesthetic wellness centers, we have attractive offers when ordering large batches of quality skin care products.


In addition, all the presented tools are perfect and recommended for daily home use.

In particular, apply a few drops of natural vegetable oil Agebit on the face, rub in light circular motions, and your skin will retain its beauty and youth for a long time. This product contains a complex of moisturizing, restorative action, which is given by organic components of cherry stone and poppy, ylang-ylang, lemon verbena, Roman chamomile.  


Regular use of the antiviral nasal agent Flubit will help protect the mucous membrane from viruses, which is especially important in the current difficult epidemiological period. 

At the first symptoms of diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system and obsessive cough, use a tool with active mucolytic action Astmabit.  


Sleep problems in adults and children are designed to overcome a special sedative Somnia.

We are sure that from our line of massage oils of homeopathic aromatherapy with cosmetic and therapeutic effect, everyone will be able to choose their favorite and useful products.

What determines the price of massage oil?


Objectively, the cost of copyrighted products depends on several factors:


  • The use of rare extracts, essential oils - for example, plants that are included in the Red Book, grow high in the mountains, they are difficult to obtain;

  • Bottle volume - large containers, of course, are more economical;

  • The number of ingredients in the recipe.

KTS HEALTH LINE natural cosmetics are characterized by a fair democratic price, when the consumer does not have to overpay for a well-known brand, advertising.


Buy natural massage oil in the HEALTH LINE online store


You can buy the highest quality oils at an adequate price in the online store or order products by phone with delivery in Ukraine. Are there any difficulties in selecting specific positions? We will provide detailed advice, talk about the features of each tool, help you choose the best option for all skin types and solve specific health problems. After all, massage and proper home care -  it is more than a pleasant procedure. This is your well-being and longevity.  


We wish you good health.

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